OK, so the economy is not looking its best these days. Nonetheless, companies still need to hire – and hire strong!

You may be thinking that recruiting is easier these days. Well, if you are looking for applicant numbers, then yes, the task is easier. You will absolutely receive more responses to job postings than you did in July 2008, but the quality of those responses will likely be lower. Those who are unemployed are responding to as many openings as they can find.

Are you burning precious time reviewing applicants that don’t match your needs?

You have spent a small fortune on recruitment ads, job boards and resume databases. You’ve kept those resumes, notes and feedback in your candidate database. When a position opens up you immediately go to the database and search for candidates who have shown an interest in your company in the past. Regardless of the position they applied for previously, the most qualified candidate is right at your fingertips!

Are you using the information that you’ve paid for in the past – first?

You’ve hired some really talented people lately. Congratulations! Now, if only you could find more just like them. Well, you can – have you asked them for referrals? Have you openly promoted your referral bonus to your new hires? Great people hang out with other great people –start collecting names and numbers.

Wouldn’t you rather pay a bonus to hire great than a job board fee to hire from the cloud?

Fact #1 – Big Job Board candidate participation has decreased 500% in the last 2 years

Fact #2 – Job Search Aggregators will poll your corporate site if you optimize it for search.

Fact #3 – Google is rapidly becoming the job search tool of choice


I’m just returning from an amazing vacation trip last week. We decided to make an adventure of the Sonoma Coast since we hadn’t experienced this lovely, cooler than Denver this time of year, area of the country before. Oh, and I LOVE wine. The Point Reyes and Tomales Bay area of the Sonoma Coast are breathtaking. Dozens of small communities are spread among the ranches, and even more open space than we enjoy in Colorado – mountains AND the sea – what could be better? Aside from the realization that this area isn’t really into the tech scene like their neighbors 60 miles south (Silicon Valley) we enjoyed all the luxuries that the cold sea water has to offer.

The people are delightful, the food is incredible and it’s not crowded at all. I wanted to write about this experience because I believe we could learn something from the way folks live in this area. The local population are localtarians (no, it’s not in Wikipedia yet, but you can find information about it in Ecopedia). This is the practice of buying and consuming products made within a 100 mile radius of your home. Although the term was foreign to me I like the concept. Now it’s a little easier when you live in an area surrounded by dairy farms, ranches, the ocean, and vineyards I’ll admit but there are some good ideas here that we can absorb into our own daily lives. Why not create strength in our own economy?

  • Support your local farmers’ market instead of Safeway and Costco?
  • Buy from local software companies (and there are a bunch of good ones) instead of Silicon Valley?
  • Recycle unwanted articles through thrift stores instead of adding them to the landfills?
  • Shop for home furnishings made locally?
  • Bypass the big box stores and support local merchants?

No, we can’t get myopic about it but there are some valid arguments for thinking globally and buying locally.’ Let’s do our part to create strength in the Colorado economy.

Back to thoughts on hiring and getting hired next week. Make it a great one!